How AAHOF came about…

AAHOF is the brain child of Paul Tyrrell, former CEO of the Regional Aviation Association of Australia. Paul, along with Chris Manning, retired Chief Pilot of Qantas, decided that urgent action was needed to establish the Australian Aviation Hall of Fame.

Every day a special part of Australia’s aviation heritage passes on with the people who were involved in it. Like all history, unless those who remain tell the stories of those before, those stories are lost forever.

 Paul and Chris believed that for AAHOF to be a success it needed to be not located in a large capital city where it would be swamped by many other attractions, not be located in Canberra where, similarly, it would be just another national memorial, but in a regional location with good access, close ties with the industry, tertiary education institutions with affiliations with aviation and a very supportive local government organisation and community.

Paul and Chris believed they had found that location in Wagga Wagga, NSW.

With just a few phone calls, an enthusiastic group was formed in Wagga Wagga in early 2010 and work commenced to establish the AAHOF organisation.