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Southern Cross Award Winner


Australian Helicopter Industry Association

Australian Helicopter Industry Association

The AHIA was awarded the Southern Cross Award to honor their significant contribution to firefighting efforts during the recent bush fires which devastated many locations across Australia.

Helicopter operations in Australia have an extensive history, originating with military helicopters and extending to the introduction of civil helicopters in 1956. The Australian Helicopter Industry Association was formed with an aim to make the industry as safe, efficient and viable as possible.

Continuously dedicated the helicopter industry, the AHIA is a non-profit organisation which works alongside government and regulatory organisations. First meeting in 2012, the AHIA has been the voice of the Australian helicopter industry The Board is currently led by President Ray Cronin, alongside Vice President & Treasurer, Myles Tomkins.

Their open and productive work ensures that the Australian helicopter industry & wider community have access to a range of information and helicopter services. Safety, and a high standard of intergrity within the industry are central focuses for the AHIA.

The AHIA's members represent a wide array of community roles and helicopter uses. Including emergency and rescue, firefighting operations, aviation training, agriculture and charter uses. The organisation understands the necessary nature of helicopters for such purposes, especially in regional locations. For this reason, the AHIA continues to promote the development of helicopter services made available to the public.

Today, the AIHA's vision to create a sustainable and innovative helicopter industry in Australia continues through their work & involvement in the industry.

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