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Inducted in 2022

John Weymouth


John Weymouth saw immense potential in the helicopter. His work started out small, beginning an aerial cattle mustering operation with only two helicopters. This was the very beginning stages of Heli-Muster.

After founding his company in 1976, Weymouth would follow these agricultural efforts to great success, collecting over 26 mustering helicopters through the 1980s. Weymouth saw the potential of the helicopters ability to expand rapidly into other industries. Seeing a new opportunity, His focus was moved away from solely agricultural & pastoral operations.

Weymouth would go on to utilise helicopters for emergency and commercial purposes, becoming one of the first to employ helicopters for such a wide array uses. The fleet of helicopters provided by Heli-Muster successfully expanded into firefighting, search and rescue, training, infrastructure inspection and more. It was now apparent that these aircraft were useful across multiple industries.

Australia now operates the world's second largest fleet of civil helicopters. Weymouth's vision for the helicopter had become a reality, and still continues today.

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