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Southern Cross Nomination Form

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Southern Cross Award Nomination Criteria


1. All applicable parts of the Nomination Form must be completed and the form signed by the Nominator and Seconder. The Nominator must be careful to address each point in the criteria. If completing the form by hand, please print clearly.


2. It is the responsibility of the Nominator and Seconder to verify the accuracy of the data provided.


3. Use a clear, easy to read font on A4 white paper. Please do not submit applications in binders, report covers, etc. You may print on both sides where possible. No original documents or photos; photocopies or scans only.


4. Please retain a copy of your nomination information for your records.


5. A detailed account of the Organisation’s scope and contributions to Australian aviation/aerospace, must be provided and should be no more than five (5) pages in length. Of prime importance the nomination should describe in detail those contributions that support the criteria listed. Please indicate how the organisation • has contributed in an exceptional way to the advancement of aviation/aerospace in Australia; • has brought great benefits to society and their communities as a whole.


6. The narrative should include a summary detailing the purpose of the organisation as well as the objectives of the organisation.


7. Honours, awards, and other achievements and recognition should be included, with dates. Also a good, sharp and clear photograph of the Organisation Nominee Place of Business showing the Organisation's name; and / or a good, clear and sharp photograph / picture of the organisation’s logo.


8. Three (3) letters of support supplementing the nomination are required, and must reference factual information, preferably additional, and not just favorable opinions. Letters from the Nominator and Seconder shall not count towards these three. ALL letters submitted must include the return address, phone no. and email address of the sender. If the letter is hand written, this information should be printed so it is clearly readable.


9. Nomination packages can include supplementary information such as brochures, articles, etc.


10. It is important for Nominators to understand that the Nominations Review Committee will not add to details presented, but will merely verify their authenticity and evaluate the nominee’s overall contribution to Australian aviation/aerospace.


11. Receipt of the nomination will be acknowledged. No further communication will be forthcoming unless the organisation is to be inducted.


12. Nominations must be postmarked by 30 th June to receive consideration by the Nomination Review Committee for that year.


13. All nominations remain active for at least five years upon date of submission.

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