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Southern Cross Award Winner


The Aerial Application Association of Australia

The Aerial Application Association of Australia

The AAAA was awarded the Southern Cross Award to honor the significant contributions to firefighting efforts during the recent bush fires which devastated many locations across Australia.

Formed in 1958, the Aerial Application Association of Australia has overseen decades of significant change in the aviation industry. Changing it's name in 2015, the AAAA was no longer the Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia. This change was made to reflect the shifting nature of aviation businesses & uses. Continuing to use the iconic AAAA acronym, their educational and advocacy efforts and extensive history has earnt immense respect.

Whilst great technological advancement has occurred, the AAAA's vision has remained the same; to ensure today's pilots and aviation operators obtain the utmost level of professionalism, training and commitment to the communities which they serve.

AAAA aims to foster an aerial industry which is grounded in sustainable professionalism and industry best practice. Members operate in various sectors, such as agriculture, forestry and mining.

The organisation's dedication to best practice and safety extends to an individual level, establishing programs which enhance industry members knowledge and experience levels, thus building a culture of safety. AAAA's advocacy for the importance aerial work and resources in the community (and wider Australia) has had an undeniable impact on the aviation industry.

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